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Triskelion Read the whole text on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Both terms are from Greek “τρισκέλιον” (triskelion) or “τρισκελής” (triskeles), “three-legged”,[1] from prefix “τρι-” (tri-), “three times”[2] + “σκέλος” (skelos), “leg”.[3] A triskelion is a traditional symbol of Sicily, where it is called trinacria;[4] the Isle […]


Lilith en Eva, perfecte personages om de thematiek rond het hedendaags feminisme voor Internationale Vrouwendag mee te illustreren. Maar wie is eigenlijk eerstgenoemde vrouw? Laten we het verhaal van Lilith eens nader onderzoeken. Lilith zou de vrouw zijn waarover de bijbel spreekt, de eerste vrouw […]


Birth or Re-birth: the slow disclosure of your authentic Self. The re-discovery of who you were, before you began to develop behavior and making (unconscious) decisions, away from your true Self. Away from your Essence, from who you originally were. Because of the confrontations with […]